Thursday, March 19, 2009

Textured stackable rings with a literal twist

I've always loved stackable rings. I think it's the whole idea of having options - one or many; dainty or chunky; subtle or dramatic. The problem though, from a designer's perspective, is that it's been done to death.

As such, I decided to work with a mini checkerboard stone instead of the ubiquitous (albeit) brilliant-cut rounds. The problem though is that checkerboard stones are never readily available from gemstones suppliers. No problem I thought, and so I went to buy the rough and got the lapidary artisans to facet them as liked.

The Rough

And they turned out beautiful:

Checkeboard Aquamarines

For the shank, I decided to do one with a literal twist in accordance with the label's design themes of asymmetry and beauty in imperfection.

First, the rings were constructed in waves where the different parts of the shank would consist of multi-sized curves and widths. Then, they were either hammered or scratched all over. This is the final look, worn.

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tw.ah.c said...

hi, may i know where you buy these stones from?