Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to creating

I'm back in Bangkok. After a month of being away from designing, I'm so glad to be back in the City of Angels. While it was a fulfilling month of pitching the label and its philosophy to retailers and attending to private clients, I missed creating desperately and I only realised the extent of that longing when I started pouring over stones and drawings.

Here's the result of one of them: another organic hammered bangle - this time with elaborate swirls of sterling silver and sapphires, tanzanites and amethysts. This design totally gives away my penchant for romance and frills. As a mini celebration of sorts, I'm letting this one go at a marked down price for a limited price. Check it out on etsy.

Oh and as a lark, here's an out-take (totally at odds with the mood of the bangle) that I find somewhat amusing. Taken by the sweetest Taiwanese guy. We didn't intend for it to turn out so grungy but I guess my outfit determined the tone of the pic.

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