Monday, May 18, 2009

Bespoke stackable rings

I spent the last few weeks sorting out loose gemstones - hundreds of carats of it - in order to prepare for an upcoming bespoke event that I'm planning for in Singapore come June. Part of it was to give clients the option of choosing their own gemstone combination for their stackable cocktail rings.

Here are some samples. The stones are gorgeous - check out the luster and the bling is even more intense in real life - and have such deep, complex colours that only the less common stones like spinels and tourmalines can convey.

Left to Right: Mauve spinel round, Pear-shape amethyst, Steel blue spinel round

Left to Right: Steel grey spinel, hot pink tourmaline, royal amethyst

For the shanks, they were designed in the label's asymmetrical style - full of ridges and organic waves - set in 18KT rose gold reclaimed, eco-friendly vermeil.

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Snowy Monkey said...

i like the rings in the first picture though i am not sure of the stone size in reality :) let me know when ur event will be. i would like to get some stackable rings.