Friday, May 15, 2009

Default companion wedding rings

In lieu of a proper engagement ring, I sometimes wear my aquamarine checkboard gemstone set with reclaimed sterling silver with my wedding band. It clearly isn't traditional, but that's the fun of it isn't it?

I'm going to start posting a little bit more about wedding jewellery in the upcoming months as I'm doing a few pieces of wedding jewellery this year. Am uber chuffed, although I wish there's a bride unconventional enough to choose something different. Champagne diamonds with textured shanks or a large pink morganite with tiny coloured diamonds in lieu of brilliant-cut white diamond solitaire.

I'm one to talk though. Check out mine - 12 gorgeous eight-point diamonds (VVS1, E-F colour) in a traditional prong-set. To my credit though, I did hammer the 18KT white gold shank in homage the signature label's look. Heh.

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