Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life - Imperfect beauty

I've already written about Europe being one of my main design inspirations. The other is a little less concrete; rather, it has its roots in the belief that life isn't perfect and we shouldn't always put this overwhelming pressure on ourselves to strive for it.

Don't get me wrong - I think that life is heart-stoppingly beautiful. It is wholly imperfect though with its messes and chaos, further riddled with flaws and foul-ups. As such, sometimes I get that odd feeling that events, like weddings, that run without a single glitch feel somewhat artificial in its perfection.

I've tried to capture this abstract belief of embracing life in all its chaos and imperfections in my designs. There is a deliberate asymmetry in almost every single design and the precious metals are textured - scratched and hammered, a deliberate move away from the high-polish of the jewellery of the 90s. Even the stones aren't always perfect; black dendrites, inclusions, cracks - I love them all.

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