Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A random bespoke order

I really miss doing the really raw, edgy stuff so I was super chuffed when S contacted me and told me her likes. Here's what we got done:

The aquamarines were hugely flawed - opaque, included chunks with drilled holes at the oddest of places. I filled them up with thick sterling silver strips and finished it with a ball on top. They were hand-set in silver claws and fused together with thick links. S liked the label's asymmetrical theme so she was game to include an oversized scratched fine silver ornament on the side. That ornament's a pretty special piece, because it was specially forged the hill tribe artisans on the label's request.

Milky blue-green aquamarine and silver choker

1 comment:

Craig and Suzanne in Thailand said...

It looks gorgeous Yilin! I can't wait to wear it!