Monday, June 1, 2009

Luxe collar stays

I’ve fallen madly in love with these. The idea of having two luxurious thick strips of brushed silver and tiny sapphires tucked into someone special’s collar, along with personalised messages of love or congratulations and the recipient’s name just evokes images of a special type of intimacy. The personalised messages are akin to a secret code that only both of you are privy to and are a daily reminder of the giver when the recipient puts them on.

Okay that’s me just romanticising it as I’m wont to do for everything that I love. They generally make great gifts, even for acquaintances (or yourself). Definitely harking back to old-world European luxury, where monogrammable items were the norm, and almost all accessories were made in precious metals of silver and gold, this pair of collar stays offers you a slice of that world.

Functionally, the malleability of the sterling silver allows you to bend them as you wish, in the process controlling the angle of the collars for different type of shirts. This is something unique to sterling silver as other metals (or heaven forbid, plastic) don’t have the same malleability that sterling silver has.

These weigh a luxurious 12 grams and are made in eco-friendly sterling silver. They aren’t cut out of a sheet like some flat items are; rather, it was created through the method of lost-wax casting and then filed down and polished and set by hand. Also available in eco-friendly, reclaimed 18KT gold and diamonds. Please enquire privately about the price.

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