Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A quick peek out

Hullo! :)

Have been rather silent on the blogging as well as facebook front. Even twitter's suffered somewhat (compared to my usual number of tweets a month ago). The reason's because I'm knee deep in what industry people call product development now. It's also my favourite part of doing what I do so I am pretty happy. This period usually comes with a fair amount of anxiety because we test ideas and samples to see if they're worthy to be pushed out for the ready-to-wear collection and also to see if the craftsmen and the lapidary artisans can execute something that's out of the ordinary.

Anyway, while this isn't part of the new line, here's a little snapshot of what I've gotten done in the last few days for some clients. Have been trying to experiment with a different finishings:

And here's another random piece:

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Cheryl Be Good said...

Hi Yilin

I tried to email you at pr@chooyilin.com and info@chooyilin.com, and both times the emails bounced.

I am doing a feature picture spread of eco accessories, and want to invite you to take part in the spread

We are doing a shoot of these eco fashion items, can you pls courier me a pair of earrings (as they are light weight to courier)?

The shoot will take place in the SPH studios here next week. I will return the item to you after the shoot via courier.

Please contact me at 92980747 as soon as you see this message.