Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sneak peek at cufflinks

After what seems like a lifetime of planning and conceptualising, I can't believe my eco-friendly sterling silver cufflinks are finally ready! I'll be doing a little write-up on the inspirations for the cufflinks in awhile but for now, here are a series of pictures of some of the pieces.

eco-friendly scrolls with a tiny white sapphire embedded; gilded in black rhodium.

curved ovals with a tiny pink spinel; gilded in 18KT rose and yellow gold.

organic faceted kunzite chunks hugged in sterling silver strips

textured fine silver rectangles with swiss blue topazes embedded.

sterling silver circles with a tiny champagne diamond set asymmetrically. gilded in 18KT rose gold and black rhodium

sterling silver teardrops with a little tanzanite embedded in one of the pieces. gilded in black rhodium.

curved, brushed squares with a tiny blue sapphired embedded; gilded in black rhodium.

textured squares with a tiny champagne diamond; gilded in 18KT yellow gold and black rhodium.

patterned marquises with four gemstones - a ruby, pink spinel, blue sapphire and tanzanite; gilded in black rhodium.

As you can see, they're all heavily textured and organic as with most of my other designs. All cuff-links are engravable with initials on the base of the latch. All harks back to old-school European luxury of artisanal craftmanship and bespoke services.

Also available in 18KT gold. Please enquire privately for price.

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