Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bridal jewellery

My good friend and fellow designer, Ee-Lyn Tang of Love, Yu, is planning her launch of wedding gowns on 10 Oct 09** at Braise, Sentosa Island, Singapore. Her gowns are a breath of fresh air - none of the traditional beading and heavy embellishment Singaporeans have come to associate with brides but yet at the same time maintaining the much desired glamour and femininity that many of us want on our big day. She's done it through fabrics that are pretty new and innovative - clingy jerseys that drape wonderfully and gorgeous silk combinations that were only recently available overseas. Her signature label's draping and ruching still play a predominant part in her inaugural collection, in much more sophisticated and artisanal detail compared to her ready-to-wear lines.

Anyway, she asked me if I'd like to do the bridal jewellery for the launch event and of course I said yes. The challenge for me was to create the desired feminine glamour while staying true to the label's organic aesthetic. I'm pretty happy with the result - a collaboration between my craftsmen and I; many sleepless nights for us but we were all extremely pleased with the result.

The other important thing for me was to ensure that the pieces were easily translatable - that the brides would be able to wear the pieces again and again, investment pieces almost and also a permanent keepsake of that special day. As such, I did them in 50% reclaimed sterling silver and either gilded them in 18KT rose gold or left them a polished sterling silver. The gemstones I used were in three different tones: a) the soft pinks of the rose de france, b) the champagne, bronzy tones of the smoky quartz and c) the cool sparkle of white quartz; these were all embellished with white sapphires.

**Let me know if you'd like to attend the event. It's 58 sgd for two people if you mention the label's name, and besides the fashion show and goodie bag, you'll be fed with a sumptuous butler-style lunch.

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quirkyhill said...

love to be an intern, except i'm still studying and totally no experience in designing, jewellery or otherwise. :P