Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Women Want

Compiled especially for all the hapless men who are lost when it comes to the engagement ring.
1. "I don't get why men spend so much money on the diamond solitaire but place it in a pre-cast metal ring that does nothing for the stone."
2. "I don't need my diamond to be big or my ring to be expensive. However, I'd like it to be unique and thoughtful. Too many rings today look too generic."
3. "I don't even want a diamond solitaire. Something else would work fine."
4. "A fancy-cut diamond would be a nice change. I especially like the radiant or cushion or emerald cuts. Those tend to look quite vintage."
5. "Size isn't everything. Cut is - because it's what determines the brilliance."
6. "I'd like some colour please. How about some coloured gems or even coloured diamonds instead?"
7. "I miss the vintage, feminine look of the rings of yore. The engagement rings today tend to look too industrial."
8. "I like engagement rings that are designed with the idea of having the wedding bands fit against it nicely like a jigsaw puzzle."
9. "I'd like to be proposed to with a loose stone so I can decide on the design myself. I know my poor boy - he wouldn't like the stress of doing anything like that."
10. "Whoever said we needed an engagement ring anyway? How about an engagement something else?"

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