Thursday, December 31, 2009

an accidental shot

Spent the whole day shooting photos for next year's e-commerce website. Well, at least until the sun went down and the weather threatened to rain. As part of the sorting out process, I put the flower necklaces that I had already shot in one of the boxes. Without arranging them in any particular order, they looked so pretty together; thus I snapped a random picture of it. Alas though, my photography skills still leaves very much to be desired.

Btw, the pictures that I take are never photoshopped. I'd like to say that it's part of a purist philosophy associated with the label's artisanal themes, but the simiple truth is, I don't know how.

On that confession, a very lovely 2010 to all of you. May it be full of meaning, warmth and joy.

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