Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The myth of one of a kind

In the jewellery industry, the idea of a jewellery piece being genuinely being one of a kind is pretty rare because while designers might say that something isn't replicable, it's usually a case whereby their access to raw supplies is limited. Thus, saying something is OOAK is a bit of a misnomer- most of the time, it's more of a function of how a) skillful one's craftsmen and lapidary artisans are at recreating a particular look again; b) how good your access is in the gems market.

However, sometimes, a piece comes along that's so rare that you can sieve through hundreds and thousands of stones and won't find the exact replica. We recently did one that was like that. Three siblings wanted to get a corker of a piece (and OOAK) for their mother's birthday in December.

Large, organic agate piece embellished with hammered sterling silver branches and blue-green sapphires. Chain comprised of top quality labradorite cabochons and fresh-water baroque pearls and the label's asymmetrical ring shanks.

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