Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A bespoke layered necklace

In the midst of working on the ready-to-wear collections, I was commissioned to work on a bespoke piece. D wanted a classic, long layered necklace that she could throw on anything plain. I was happy to take a breather from the ready-to-wear work, which can be intensive to say the least, and indulge the craving for creating. And even happier when she basically told me to go ahead do whatever I want. :)

So we stuck to the original classic idea, albeit switching it up and making it our own. We chose aquamarine cabochons - mossy ones with black dendrites running through it, baroque fresh water pearls, blue-green sapphires and the kicker... cognac diamonds. The combination of gems we hoped would create a rich burst of luxe textures and yet, keep it subtle enough for work.

The necklace was easy enough to conceptualise, because it was an intuitive process of laying out the gemstones in a particular order that we found aesthetically pleasing. What was less clear cut was the technical construction of it; specifically, we had to work with chains that were thin enough so it didn't overwhelm the tiny baroque pearls we had chosen and yet, we had to be cognisant of the heavy weight of the aquamarines (>100 carats) which might cause the thinner chains to break.

After a somewhat painful trial and error of trying out a bunch of combinations of lengths and thickness of the chains, we finally found on one that seem to fufill both our aesthetic requirements and functional requirements of the piece. :)

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