Sunday, February 14, 2010

heirloom family bangles

C, a friend and a client, isn't very much into jewellery. But she came to me sometime last year wanting a family bangle set, each family member represented by their birthstone. After throwing out loads of ideas, we decided on a very simple concept of each birthstone being attached to a hilltribe silver hammered bangle. We liked it because each bangle was a complete piece by itself and she could choose to give it away to each family member. However, it could be worn stacked in a way that clearly indicated it was a family. We also got her some plain, hammered bangles so that she could grow her series by adding in gemstones for future family members.
Initially, I was a little concerned that the multiple colours of the gemstones would be a rather jarring, clashing effect if worn together. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. :)

For a greater personalised touch, we engraved each individual's initials and birthdate to the bangles, which would be especially useful if there were multiple family members born in the same month.

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