Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Henpecked

K-boy and K-girl are a couple I know very well. I’ve known K-boy since I was 11 while I’ve grown to love K-girl dearly since she got together with K-boy many years ago. They’ve been dating for over 9 years and they are often teased by our common group of friends on when they’re going to tie the knot.

Late last year, I got an e-mail from K-boy asking me a few questions about a “ring”. I think I squealed in excitement but was obviously quickly sworn to secrecy. K-boy made me swear not to tell anyone at all because our social circles were too closely overlapped; in addition, out of added security, we conducted all correspondence over a secret e-mail account he created and skype (to which he proceeded to delete all conversations).

K-boy was quite vocal about his opposition to a diamond solitaire and asked instead to get a sapphire. Coincidentally, he chose the exact same colour as my previous client. He was amenable to having the stone in any shape, although he did state his preference for something with edges (as opposed to curves) so we found an emerald cut one that originated from the Ilagaga mines in Madagascar.

As with Project Sunshine, we got John to re-cut the stone to add a little more brilliance to the blue-green stone – we scissored the table and added a few facets to the base. This brought about a surprise which John told us could happen with some stones; the blue-green sapphire now had two tones to it: blue-green was its primary hue, but under certain kinds of light, it glowed violet. I was pretty chuffed.

Because I knew K-girl pretty well, designing the ring was wonderfully natural and easy. K-boy gave me some design guidelines but other than that, gave me a free reign on what I could do. We deliberately stayed away from the classic styles which was freeing as a designer and this gave me the opportunity to work with some difficult techniques that I had been itching to try for awhile.

For one, I wanted a bezel that was patterned, but not a traditional filigreed one, Specifically, I wanted to work with paved diamonds and milgrain in the label’s asymmetrical design aesthetic. K-boy agreed that this was something K-girl would probably love, and gave me the go ahead.

In addition, because we both wanted to stay away from the ostentatious but yet, I had wanted to convey strong artisanal craftsmanship in such a high-significance piece, I recommended that we work with tiny diamonds studded into the shank, again situated in a micro-pave along with a milgrain bordering. That, together with the curved and textured shank, completed the ring. It doesn’t look like it, but this ring has 77 diamonds.

This part made me laugh out loud but K-boy often does. Here’s what he chose – “K, henpeck me. Yours always, K-boy.” An unorthodox declaration of love but so wonderfully authentic. :)

K proposed last week and it's been a big flurry of excitment and joy amongst all of us. And now to wait for the wedding…I can’t wait! :)


OpusMuse said...
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OpusMuse said...

I love this style! Part Gothic, part vintage. This could be the spark of my anniversary ring...

a.k.a. Nicole Ho