Monday, March 29, 2010

The homage to the bezel

There were two design inspirations for this series, one of it being an homage to the bezel. The bezel is the oldest form of setting a gem and traditionally the most secure, because the entire stone is embedded within the metal. Some jewellers also think it more elegant than the classic prong setting because it hugs the gem at all parts, giving it a streamlined effect.

While I don’t particularly privilege the bezel over the prong set, I did want the entire collection to stay true to this particular way of stone-setting, a dedication of the importance of the bezel and the hope that people would be aware of the significance of having gems set in such a way.

Just like all our other fine jewellery pieces, our bezel was a jazzed-up version of the classic piece, utilising the label’s signature hammered, banged-up look. This, together with a series of coloured checkerboard gemstones was used along with the very classic emerald-cut gems – a contrast between the organic asymmetry of the metal and the classically-cut, flawless luster of the gemstones.

Thus, there was none of the intricate paved gems or any of tiny accent gems that might take away the focus from the hammered bezel. Instead, this homage to the bezel made this collection perfect for functional, everyday use, but with strong little quirks incorporating the label’s design philosophy of asymmetry and organic texture.
They are now available at Cate for people available overseas. In Singapore, they are available at Colette @ The Forum.

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