Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In love with milgrain and texture

When I got married a number of years ago, I chose a classic shared-prong setting for my wedding band. I wear it faithfully everyday but I sometimes wonder what I can do to dress it up with. My personal taste tends to run into bold, chunky pieces (although it's seemingly a lot more mellow these days) so a thin, classic diamond ring is at odds with the rest of my style. Thus, I thought I'd design a wedding ring that would encapsulate all the elements of what I love - asymmetry and organic texture - while still keeping in the themes of traditional weddings - femininty, a vintage influence and an old-world hand-worn effect.

I am madly and deeply in love with milgrain - the little etchings you see that border the edges of metal. We most commonly see it in the eternity band for brides but I'm thinking that the milgrain should be incorporated in more bridal pieces. It automatically conveys a feminine and vintage look and adds a hand-worked texture to the piece. The latter is especially important in bridal jewellery because of the lack of coloured gems - diamonds and 18KT white gold may look a little cold and flat - and milgrain handles all of that wonderfully. :)

My love of asymmetry was incorporated into this piece along with the love for an organic texture. Sandblasted and hammered along with different sized diamonds placed at different intervals. The result - it looks like you're wearing a different ring with each twist of the shank and the impact really hits you when you wear it stacked.

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