Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Bezel Series: Stacking, layering, detaching

One of the key elements of this collection was the built-in flexibility and functionality of each piece. Rings and bangles were open-ended and could be worn on different fingers and parts of the forearms.

The earrings come with detachable hooks – delicate coloured pieces with milgrain and pave. We wanted to give the option to have the hooks worn by themselves and yet allow women to slip in different coloured gems to match their particular outfits for that day.

The necklace pendants come in different sizes, gems and lengths, allowing the user to wear it singly as a delicate embellishment. Alternatively, there would be an option to really dress up in a kaleidoscope of colours (albeit still classically) with a series of three necklaces of different lengths against a plain background.

The bangles, apart from being open-ended, also give the option of wearing it singly, doubly or as a trio. They work well for work as a single bangle but I have to confess I’m partial to them as a stack. Particularly, they look amazingly glamorous as a set of three, because it gives the impression of a vine winding around your forearm, studded with six flawless checkerboard gemstones.

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OpusMuse said...

I love the stacking rings & bangles! May I know what are you based now? Singapore? How can I get in contact with you?