Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blueprint 2010 - our first trade fair

Sometime late last year, we decided that we would expand our ready-to-wear collections, whilst continuing to do bespoke work for select clientele. The reason for the expansion was a little unorthodox from a business perspective, because profit wasn’t the primary motivator. Rather, being based in Singapore – a population of approximately 4 million people – has allowed us to reach a limited number of people. For us to share the Karen’s work as well as to raise awareness for other important social issues via our designs at the impact we felt were needed required us to go international. And thus, that is what we’re doing.

Come 29 Apr – 1 May 2010, we’re taking part in Blueprint as part of Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX), a high-concept fashion trade fair that’s held simultaneously with the Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore. Buyers from high-end departmental stores like Harrods and Liberty will be making their way to Singapore just for this event. It’s significant in a number of ways – not least because it’s the first of its kind in Asia as well as our first trade fair. On both counts, it’s terribly exciting and rather intimidating.

On 1 May 10, Blueprint opens to the public at an event called Emporium . It promises to be extremely fun and educational for people interested in fashion– a day of awesome music from a live DJ, fashion shows, the opportunity to interact with designers, both local and foreign, and the chance to purchase never-released-before sample pieces.

The team’s been working immensely hard for this – 2 am working on linesheets, craftsmen working through some weekends, and all of us cracking our heads over visual displays, given the limited space that comes with trade fairs. I have to thank every single one of them – who at this very moment, are probably working – the label would have merely remained a vision in my head without all of you. It’s now down to the wire – let’s do it.

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goddazz said...

all the best, yilin! happy to see your brand taking flight and making big strides :) GO INTERNATIONAL!!!