Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dressing up another diamond solitaire

When I was discussing the diamond ring project with S-boy, he articulated his strong preference of the equivalent of the ubiquitous 6-prong setting: high-shine, symmetry and absolutely no embellishments. He cringed in mock horror when he saw my past pieces – asymmetry and organic texture were not his style. Turns out S-girl couldn’t resist everything I loved in bridal jewellery – milgraining, etchings, little accented diamonds for added texture. ;)

As a result, the challenge was fusing their two distinct preferences into a single piece. S-girl and I rejected the more overt pieces of organic texture and agreed that we would keep the shank classic and straight in order to spare S-boy a heart attack. ;)

But she fell in love with the tiny diamond accents, and so we included little leafy vines of diamonds as the bezel along with tiny curved diamond prongs to hold the diamond in, milgraining the borders of each and every diamond set.

We utilised tiny diamonds in the half-eternity band but steered away from any kind of abstract texturing that I typically utilise in my other designs. Instead, to continue the leafy-vined theme, we hand-etched these onto the shank giving it texture, but one that didn’t have the rawness of the label’s previous designs.

The overall look was a vintage piece, full of artisanal touches. However, it still conveyed a highly classic, symmetrical look to respect S-boy’s preference. Most importantly, both of them loved it (and so did I).

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