Sunday, April 4, 2010

A lucky diamond

Image taken from Bluenile.

Working with a client who wants to invest in a diamond solitaire involves a part of my brain that designing doesn’t usually tap. What usually happens is that we send off a list of criteria to the diamond brokers and they respond with a beautifully organised excel spreadsheet of data. I sit down and analyse the first cut before sending it off to my client with some preliminary recommendations. Very, very rarely will we find a stone out of this first cut of information. Thus, it’s back and forth with more excel spreadsheets to analyse while talking to the client in real time in order for both of us to understand what we truly want from the diamond.

This analysis and time spent is understandable, because there are typically 13 factors (much more than the usual 4Cs) to adjust for when we make such a decision. In this particular case however, we had to deal with something else that was slightly…unique.

S-boy was pretty certain he wanted the following: a square radiant-cut diamond over 1.0 carat, great colour, good clarity and an excellent cut. Florescence wasn’t an issue, although if it were present, it would have to have a blue tint. We found a number of diamonds that fit in perfectly with this criteria; however, they were ALL rejected because the carat number wasn’t “right”. S-boy said that the diamond number had to be “lucky” and finally, at 2 am in the morning one night, we found the stone… the perfect 1.28 carat, F colour, VS1 clarity. ;)

S-boy proposed to S-girl with the certificate on their second anniversary and it was a happy yes. What did we do with the stone? We’ll write about it soon!

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OpusMuse said...

wow 13 criteria?! my hubby would be glad that I didn't knew so much about diamonds!