Saturday, April 3, 2010

SK-II Timeless Miracles' Exhibition

I was very honoured to be part of luxury beauty brand SK-II's 30th anniversary of its Facial Treatment Essence. Specifically, we were asked to be one of 30 exhibitors to showcase what we considered a "timeless miracle". Her World has done a lovely write-up about the event here.
My contribution of a timeless miracle was a trio of rings - rings that I had actually worked with one of my bridal clients. We featured a mock-up of her engagement ring, her wedding ring and the groom's wedding ring, along with a little write-up of our inspirations for this piece.

“Unbroken rings are universal symbols of eternity and we wanted to keep true to that. Where we steered away from tradition was the asymmetry of the bands. We wanted the rings to convey a certain sense of deliberate imperfection that is avoided at all costs during today's weddings; too often, we try to get everything perfectly symmetrical forgetting that life isn't like that. It is beautiful no doubt, but wholly imperfect. And we hope that the rings are a little representation of the timeless love that is breathtakingly beautiful, yet humanly flawed.”

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