Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in Bangkok!

I was away from Bangkok for a month - the longest since September 2007 and I was having huge withdrawal symptoms from creating and being on the production floor. Thus, while I was so happy to be due back to my host city and it was also with some bittersweet emotions that my return was just after the traumatic riots and burnings that took place. My friends and colleagues are safe, but there are underlying feelings of resentment and sadness that will hopefully fade with time.

The week back has been marked with lots of potential disasters that thankfully been resolved:
a) British Airways announcing that the strikes will go through but thankfully my flight will be flying as planned. There might be a change of flight into Gatwick instead of Heathrow though which is a tiny inconvenience;
b) The hotel that I booked did not start operation until yesterday! I called in a few days ago to find out that they had not open and could only breathe easy when I called yesterday to find out that "yes, we are open and yes, we have Wi-Fi."
c) Everyday production crises - rushing to complete production and the commercial invoice for the Freightforwarders and realising to our horror, that we had run out of gemstones and silver. This has since been resolved.
d) Losing luggage at baggage claim. They eventually found it 24 hours later.

Today's the first day that I feel I can breathe easy, which is why Ithought I'd say hullo. In the midst of this journey of preparing for our trade fair, I am constantly reminded by how lucky I am to be surrounded with people who have so graciously lent a hand without any expectation of anything in return. And for that, I am grateful.

Now, London - I think I'm prepared for you. I leave you guys with a terribly unglamorous picture of us taping masking tape to the floor to estimate the space for our display unit for Treasure. Heh.

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