Friday, June 4, 2010

Recycling silver

We thought that we'd share a trip to the refiners to let people have a glimpse of what it's like. The refinerer wasn't working at that time however, so unfortunately we couldn't capture him at his workbench. The silver we took this time was our stock that we got from The Sustainability Event - much thanks to everyone who donated their silver for refining and recycling. :)

Weighing the recycled silver using a really old-school weighing scale.

Old silver that needs to be melted down and then refined to pure (99.9%) silver. The block that you see in the corner's actually blackened sterling silver that's melted into a rectangle. It needs to be refined into tiny balls before it's ready to be used.

Old-school refining tools

It's not completely visible from this picture but there's a vent that allows for proper ventilation of fumes so that the refiner doesn't inhale them.

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