Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Upcycling for the bespoke party

Upcycling seems to be the newest word in the green movement right now and understandably so. Without consciously realising it, we've been practising it for awhile; the deliberate use of flawed, included gemstones in certain designs because we actually think they look better as compared to their perfect counterparts.

Come 11 Jul 10, we're going to be showcasing these imperfect beauties at The Bespoke Party. While they weren't exactly abandoned by the road, these poor babies are considered inferior by industry players and are very rarely used in fine jewellery. More often than not, they're made into cheap beads or grinded into shards to be used for gemstone paintings or various interior designs.
I bought them happily because I think the contrast of high luster with inclusions would look awesome with the asymmetrical, textured shanks and creative placing of the gems at certain angles. Come down to see what I mean. Prices starts at 390 sgd for a stack of three rings; tourmalines and aquamarines generally tend to go for a lot more with this level of luster.

Mossy, included aquamarine ovals.

Autumn shades of tourmalines.

emerald-cut blue-green tourmalines

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