Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preparations for NYC

We found out that there was a pretty cool shout out from the National Jeweler Network today. :) As expected, we're swamped with last minute changes to our press kits and linesheets. K did that the following for the trade and media - we'll be sending it out in the next two days.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

New York City!

We're going to be in the big apple in a few days time, specifically for the New Designer Gallery at the JA NY Summer Show. 10 designers were selected, and we're very very chuffed to be one of them. Wish us luck - we're up for the Mort Abelson award! The platform is especially significant because some of the greatest designers of our generation launched their careers there and so we're especially honoured to be part of the same space.

The event's only open to trade and media though, so a good friend and I thought that it'd be a cool idea to have a private sale event in NYC. So if you're in the area, or have friends who'd be interested, it'd be lovely to meet you in person. For long lost friends and classmates, I'd love to catch up over tea.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

two pearl necklaces

Twists to two pearl necklaces.

Hand-knotted baroque pearl necklace. Large jade doughnut pendant embellished with london blue topaz, rhodolite garnet and amethyst in 18KT rose gold vermeil.

Hand-knotted baroque blue-black pearls interspersed with organic silver "pearls". Spot the clasp. :) I love this for its simple and classic concept - the idea of wearing the necklace as a single strand or having it looped over multiple times. Yet, there was also an amount of edginess by the asymmetrically placed silver embellishments that were meant to mimic the pearls.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Her World's 50th anniversary issue

Wow, so Her World, the grand dame of fashion magazines in Singapore just turned 50! I was shortlisted to be part of their "inspiring women" story. It's a huge honour no doubt and for those in Singapore, I highly recommend getting the magazine to read the stories of the other 49 women.

The picture that you see below is a result of four hours of yanking (hair), pain from sitting in that position without moving and loads of "chin up", "no turn to the right", "good good!", "aiyah!!" instructions from the wonderful team. I was the worst sort to be photographed - demonstrating awkwardness, boredom and a distractedness - so a special shout-out needs to go out to them for their patience.

Thank you Her World, and may you have many more 50 years to come! :)

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