Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jade + Kueh + Tea = Party!

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You know that we're passionate about cultural preservation - as evidenced by our work with the Karen artisans and then with our play with old-fashioned jade. Come 5 Sep 2010, we're holding a party capturing the theme of cultural preservation...with local food! We're huge fans of HarriAnn's Delights and want to share that love with you. Uncle Harry and Auntie Ann's daughter, Sharon, will be giving out local desserts, kueh-kuehs.... Besides the traditional desserts like Kueh Ubi Kayu, Kueh Keledik, Kueh Kosui and Ondeh-ondeh, she'll also be bringing in our current obsession, the Belgian chocolate ondeh-ondeh, and will be sharing with us more about her family's commitment to preserving their cultural heritage through food.

We're revealing some new jade pieces, choice sample pieces from our upcoming "alternative to coral" collection, and showcasing our loose gemstones for those who missed out on our previous bespoke party.

Please RSVP to kevin(at!) or +65 9862 2272. If you're on facebook, you may RSVP here. Because we want there to be enough food for everyone we request that you to RSVP by 4 Sep 10 so we will know how many kuehs to hand make on 5 Sep 10 morning. ;)

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