Tuesday, September 14, 2010

photos from the JA NY Summer show!

It's been awhile since we got back from New York City and I know we owe you photos! The truth is going to a trade fair is a massive undertaking on one's resources - time, money, energy - and this holds true in both the run-up and the aftermath of the event. Thus, we've spent the last few months hunkering down and working very hard to do justice to the opportunity of exhibiting with the world's best jewellers. We have exciting updates re. new stockists and media mentions in the upcoming months. :)

I flew 30 hours to NYC (including transit time) and was hugely jet-lagged when I arrived. D had a slightly easier time because she had gotten in from London. Nevertheless, both of us were very excited by the entire event. Every second at the exhibition was a lesson in progress and we tried our best to absorb as much knowledge as possible. We knew that things would be different on a global stage, but until we were on the ground, we had no idea what it was like amongst global brands. We've written up comprehensive reports on lessons learnt from the experience but we won't bore you with the details. Briefly, amongst other things, we quickly learnt what it was like to work with wholesalers, who shopped in diametrically opposite ways from retail buyers. We were touched by the media's support and encouragement of our jewellery and philosophy. Lastly, were were once again moved by various industry people's generosity - be it in sharing their expertise or giving us unsolicited advice.

As with London, we didn't really have time to shoot many nice pictures because we're mostly behind the booth working. Here are some pictures OF our booth, however, and hopefully they'd give you a little snapshot of what it was like to be on the floor with us.

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