Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project Pink Diamond

Our very first pink diamond project! It's an amazing stone, 1.01ct, triple excellent specs and faintly pink and deserves an entire post to itself. Pink diamonds aren't like its white counterparts -they are a lot rarer and it's virtually impossible to find one to your exact specifications.

The clients requested that we add as many diamonds as possible as well as add artisanal touches. However, we had to keep clean and not add our favourite embellishment, the milgrain, or texture the metal. So here's what we have, a little deviation from our usual style of organic asymmetry, but we love it all the same. Our favourite parts are the diamond-studded leaves that go around the bezel. :)

Btw, for those of you who are wondering if this was a very rare man who had amazing attention to detail re. leafy embellishments and knew that his girlfriend wanted diamonds everywhere, the answer is "no". The female designed the entire ring from start to finish. To the special man's credit though, I worked with him on surprising her with on "C sayang Y", a play on the Malay word "love" and "take care", on the inside of the shank. We also led Y into believing that C was going to propose later than he intended to, which made the actual proposal a shock to Y. She said "yes" of course. ;)

Who says girls can't have their cake and eat it too? :)


Winter said...

the diamonds are artifical? no?

Winter said...

Hi please revert if diamond is artificial or?