Friday, October 22, 2010

the story behind our alternative to coral collection

some of you might have caught glimpses of coral-like pieces of jewellery in the last couple of months. the international media's written a bit about it because we were exhibiting our pieces at the london and nyc shows. we've also won first prize in an international competition for our coral rings. now, after what seems like months, we're launching our coral pieces to the public in singapore; needless to say, we're supremely excited. not only because it's a "birth" of another baby, but also because it represents an important collaboration with an award-winning non-profit campaign, too precious to wear (TPTW). 

we've been continuously thinking of ways to deepen our commitment to sustainability, and one eureka moment came when we realised that art had been historically used as a vehicle to communicate important cultural, social and political messages. i thought that it seemed only natural to use jewellery design, a bona fide art form albeit a little unorthodox, to convey similar messages. and thus, our next ready-to-wear collection was born. 

coral forms were a natural choice because of they captured the immense beauty of organic asymmetry. shortly after, almost serendipitously, we found out about TPTW and told them about what we were doing. their campaign is awesome: quite simply, it's a fashion-forward campaign to let people know that they can do their part in protecting their environment by being aware of the consequences of using coral, be it in jewellery or otherwise. moreover, it is important to stop using coral in fine jewellery unless you can determine that it was sustainably sourced. 

as with all our other pieces, the jewellery comprised of 99.9% recycled sterling silver in our continuation to help minimise environmental damage. the metal was textured in line with the label's design theme of organic asymmetry and the gemstones were dotted in the midst of the metal, contributing to colour. we hope that through this collection, you will start to believe that while coral is beautiful, it is unnecessary to wear it in order to appreciate it. 

Please visit our facebook page for more shots of our alternative to coral collection. 

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