Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An abstract, leafy-vined engagement project

A couple of months ago, I recieved an e-mail from a complete stranger. Apparently, J's fiancee, E, had come across one of our rings through a random google search! I cannot remember what the search was for, but I believe it was something rather generic, like "artisan" and "ring". Was suitably chuffed with our company being so well placed in google searches but was even more taken aback (in a good way) where E and J decided to work with me after a single skype phone call (w/o video to boot because I wasn't appropriately dressed :P). They were Americans but based out of Shanghai and a quick facebook search showed that we had no friends in common. Still, they trusted me to work on a high-value item; I was touched. 

I was still in the midst of the "leafy-vine" phase and we worked on something around that. E's father is a sculptor and she highlighted some of his pieces to use as an inspiration for the ring. His pieces were highly abstract and very organic so it was a natural fit in with the label's design philosophy of organic asymmetry; we incorporated elements of his sculptures in the bezel that was used to hold the blue-green sapphire in. They resembled vines that criss-crossed haphazardly around and on top of the bezel with three diamond-studded leaves that added further embellishment to the structure -- we loved it. My absolute favourite part of the ring had to be the shank though: diamond-studded leaves and vines (completed with the organic texture!) formed all around the the ring. The gemstone was yet another unheated blue-green sapphire from the Ilagagar mines. It actually came as an oval but we shaved off some bits to get it into a rounded cushion cut to best fit the design. 

For the engraving, J surprised E with a symbol that was a private joke between them... the wonders of laser technology. ;) 

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