Friday, January 21, 2011

A poppy garden ring project

N’s a fellow jewellery designer so it was a great honour when she asked me to work with her on her anniversary ring. We spent quite a long time searching for the perfect stone. In the end, we found a dark blue spinel from Sri Lanka that had very intense fire. It can’t be capture in these photographs unfortunately.

The design took awhile to come to as N searched for something that spoke to her. Finally, she articulated that she wanted a ring that had a theme that carried throughout. Specifically, she wanted vines that ran through the shank, bezel and prongs, which looked like the ring comprised of an entire garden. 

We debated between using leaves, roses or poppies to break up the vines. In the end, leaves were chosen, because she found the flowers a tad too old-fashioned. The leaves emerged from the bezel to wrap around the stone but I think both our favourite parts of the project was the little diamond-studded poppy. 

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