Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shot of N's anniversary poppy ring

N sent us these pretty cool shots of her anniversary poppy ring. Love them! Thanks so much N. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

6 Mar 11: Spring Is Here!

We're not ready to leave Chinese New Year just yet, and long-time friends Yu and Choo Yilin, are partnering again for a Spring-themed event at the chic but ultra-cozy Yu studio (fully stocked with Vitamin Water in a nifty portable fridge!).

Ee-Lyn has woven magic with rich, jewel-toned fabric in deep red and blues. Her pieces incorporate her signature draping with ruching that's friendly to all figures.

Yilin will showcase her flower jade series as requested by those who missed her launch. There will also be new pieces offered in new colour ways and the team will be on hand to allow for guests to tweak their gemstone combination and colour finish.

Even if the theme of Spring isn't your thing, we'd love for you to come by and have a chat with the designers about their bespoke work and inspirations. The latest collections from Love, Yu's bespoke wedding and evening gown line and some samples of Yilin's bridal pieces will be on display.

Date: 6 Mar 11
Time: 1300 - 1800 hrs
Venue: The Yu Studio, 8 Mhd Sultan Road, #03-01
RSVP: gloria(at!) or at 9112 8117.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project Blue Ocean Coral

J-boy, as many of my male friends would say, spoils the market. He planned an extremely elaborate surprise for his then-girlfriend, now-fiancee, J-girl, overseas; the details would make both genders sigh, albeit for very different reasons. Contacting us only in November 2010, he told me that he HAD to propose in mid-December during an overseas trip. On hearing that our engagement ring projects typically take between three to four months, he was amenable to proposing with a loose gemstone first. 

 J-boy gave me a lot of creative freedom for this project with only one explicit request: that the gemstone be the colour of the ocean because J-girl loved to dive. Like many other engagement projects before his, I went about looking for an unheated sapphire. I finally found the stone one afternoon through sheer serendipity and called J-boy excitedly to report the find. I’ve fallen in love with many gemstones in the course of my work, but I think that this gemstone is potentially my favourite one in the entire world: blue, grey and green shades all fused together in a brilliantly faceted trilliant. Rather moody, subtle and glamorous all the same time. The gemstone takes on a different hue in different lighting so there’s always a small element of surprise to see how it looks at various times of the day.

Because of J-girl’s love of diving, I suggested that we work with a coral-inspired theme and this is what we came up with. As much as I wanted to create a spectacular art-piece, I had to factor in practicality of everyday use. Thus, there was a deliberate tone of subtlety that accompanied the design. The stone is cupped in a bed of diamond-studded asymmetrical polyps and the shank is slightly asymmetrical with tiny pave-d diamonds set. 

And The Winner Is...

To hang earrings from

We decided to conduct an impromptu mini contest yesterday night on our facebook page. We asked clients to guess what these leaves were for and the answers that followed were hilarious and wondefully creative...but incorrect! On request of some, we posted a link telling people that the clue was embedded in the article and approximately 24 hours later, we have a winner.

Elizabeth Chan, congratulations! You are right -- the leaves featured are intended to be display tags as part of our visual display at our stockists. We'll be taking pictures as soon as they're in the stores and will be explaining the story as to how they came to be.

We actually didn't intend for the leaves to be on sale but we've had private comments from people telling us that they'd love to purchase them. You guys are absolutely right -- they do make wonderful bracelet charms, pendants, keychains etc. (although I'm not sure about them "covering your private bits" as recommended by one) Stay tuned -- we'll be unveiling how you can purchase them in a few months!

Thanks so much for participating everyone! We had awesome fun reading your comments.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

AsiaSpa: Jan/Feb 2011

AsiaSpa, January/February 2011

Thanks for the shout out! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 2011: NuYou Magazine, Singapore

Please click to enlarge. 

Feature in NuYou magazine -- the emphasis was to get a sense of different public figures' inspirations. Mine, briefly, were my travels in Europe, sustainability and ballet. 

“I’m not a designer who draws, but there are many types of design and not everyone requires knowledge of the technical aspects of art.” Her creative process involves the everyday, while she absorbs her surroundings of colours and textures. To her, her art, jewellery design, is its own language. Her love for designing jewellery started because of her wanting to find a ‘breathing space’ from her work as a political analyst.

Shortly after, Yilin moved with her husband to Bangkok. Unfamiliar with her foreign surroundings, she met a 60 year old veteran who had already been in the jewellery business for many years, and he, step by step, showed her the ropes of the industry. “Without him, I wouldn’t have what I have today”. Yilin’s line of jewellery has already been awarded two international design prizes and has been invited by world-class exhibitions in London and New York to showcase her works.

Jewellery connotes luxury and flamboyance, but there is a different purpose and meaning behind Yilin’s jewellery. “I put an emphasis on sustainability. Thus I try to have recyclability and society in mind to counter the excesses that have long been associated with fashion”. While this concept is relatively new in this industry it is also one a concept that is gaining more attention and interest. 

Yilin’s jewellery is produced by the people of the Karen tribe Thailand, and this gives added depth to the fast-developing society. Armed with only limited resources, their traditional skill faces the threat of extinction, but with the help of the modern customer who seeks unique jewellery, it allows such silver-smithing skills to be passed down and for businesses to gain from the profits in a mutually beneficial exchange. By using creativity and practicality, Yiin’s jewellery label allows the resources to be utilised to the fullest, extending the life of it. This is sustainability.

Yilin’s passion is travelling, when the best times were backpacking while she was in university. At the age of 29, she has traveled to over 120 cities in 4 continents. The initial source of inspiration for her jewellery came mainly from these trips and experiencing different cultures.

“Fashion and design have such a strong influence; its accessibility to the public allows its influence to be so much faster than other forms of art. We should leverage on this to get the audience’s attention (to communicate important messages).”