Monday, February 21, 2011

6 Mar 11: Spring Is Here!

We're not ready to leave Chinese New Year just yet, and long-time friends Yu and Choo Yilin, are partnering again for a Spring-themed event at the chic but ultra-cozy Yu studio (fully stocked with Vitamin Water in a nifty portable fridge!).

Ee-Lyn has woven magic with rich, jewel-toned fabric in deep red and blues. Her pieces incorporate her signature draping with ruching that's friendly to all figures.

Yilin will showcase her flower jade series as requested by those who missed her launch. There will also be new pieces offered in new colour ways and the team will be on hand to allow for guests to tweak their gemstone combination and colour finish.

Even if the theme of Spring isn't your thing, we'd love for you to come by and have a chat with the designers about their bespoke work and inspirations. The latest collections from Love, Yu's bespoke wedding and evening gown line and some samples of Yilin's bridal pieces will be on display.

Date: 6 Mar 11
Time: 1300 - 1800 hrs
Venue: The Yu Studio, 8 Mhd Sultan Road, #03-01
RSVP: gloria(at!) or at 9112 8117.

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