Thursday, February 17, 2011

And The Winner Is...

To hang earrings from

We decided to conduct an impromptu mini contest yesterday night on our facebook page. We asked clients to guess what these leaves were for and the answers that followed were hilarious and wondefully creative...but incorrect! On request of some, we posted a link telling people that the clue was embedded in the article and approximately 24 hours later, we have a winner.

Elizabeth Chan, congratulations! You are right -- the leaves featured are intended to be display tags as part of our visual display at our stockists. We'll be taking pictures as soon as they're in the stores and will be explaining the story as to how they came to be.

We actually didn't intend for the leaves to be on sale but we've had private comments from people telling us that they'd love to purchase them. You guys are absolutely right -- they do make wonderful bracelet charms, pendants, keychains etc. (although I'm not sure about them "covering your private bits" as recommended by one) Stay tuned -- we'll be unveiling how you can purchase them in a few months!

Thanks so much for participating everyone! We had awesome fun reading your comments.  

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