Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project Blue Ocean Coral

J-boy, as many of my male friends would say, spoils the market. He planned an extremely elaborate surprise for his then-girlfriend, now-fiancee, J-girl, overseas; the details would make both genders sigh, albeit for very different reasons. Contacting us only in November 2010, he told me that he HAD to propose in mid-December during an overseas trip. On hearing that our engagement ring projects typically take between three to four months, he was amenable to proposing with a loose gemstone first. 

 J-boy gave me a lot of creative freedom for this project with only one explicit request: that the gemstone be the colour of the ocean because J-girl loved to dive. Like many other engagement projects before his, I went about looking for an unheated sapphire. I finally found the stone one afternoon through sheer serendipity and called J-boy excitedly to report the find. I’ve fallen in love with many gemstones in the course of my work, but I think that this gemstone is potentially my favourite one in the entire world: blue, grey and green shades all fused together in a brilliantly faceted trilliant. Rather moody, subtle and glamorous all the same time. The gemstone takes on a different hue in different lighting so there’s always a small element of surprise to see how it looks at various times of the day.

Because of J-girl’s love of diving, I suggested that we work with a coral-inspired theme and this is what we came up with. As much as I wanted to create a spectacular art-piece, I had to factor in practicality of everyday use. Thus, there was a deliberate tone of subtlety that accompanied the design. The stone is cupped in a bed of diamond-studded asymmetrical polyps and the shank is slightly asymmetrical with tiny pave-d diamonds set. 

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