Sunday, March 6, 2011

A bespoke (alternative to) coral project

M wanted a “just because” piece – she had this pretty cool 11.2 carat star sapphire cabochon and had been looking to set into a ring.

As part of every consultation process, we ask clients to flag out five designs that catch their fancy. This is very helpful for us, because it helps us understand the customer’s aesthetic and consequently allows for us to make appropriate recommendations. In M’s case, every single piece she flagged out had a common thread: they were all sculptural and extremely organic. Some were almost Gaudi-esque in design – mini 3-D architectural sculptures that totally overthrew the rules of traditional fine jewellery. Of course, we loved them. Thus, we recommended that we should try an extra-lush interpretation of coral polyps, tying in with our story-telling through jewellery theme.  

We created 3-D polyps that emerged at varying heights around the sapphire. Each polyp had gemstones embedded in them – we chose a variety of white diamonds, grey diamonds and blue-green sapphires of the highest luster. To emphasise the organic theme, we had the two sides of the shanks asymmetrical, with more bezel-set gemstones embellishing the piece.

And thus concludes our very first sculptural bespoke piece – it’ll definitely not be our last. In fact, we think it’s the start of a new direction for the label. Big thanks to M for trusting us implicitly in this piece – she gave us a lot of freedom in deciding what worked best for the ring.   

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