Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project Supply Chain Transparency

It's a terribly unsexy name for an engagement project we know but here's why: BY had found out about our site through an internet search on ethical jewellery.  He had previously considered not proposing to his girlfriend with any jewellery at all, having read about the excesses of the industry. His exact words to me was that he wanted to find something “suitable that won't subtract her karma points”. (Truth to be told, we were feeling a little stressed out about being responsible for someone's karma! ;)) No diamond solitaires he said, and no gemstones from potentially conflict areas.

And so we went hunting for a gemstone that fit his criteria and hit the jackpot with a very rare coloured unheated sapphire from a Kanchanaburi mine. The blue of the sapphire is extremely rare in sapphires you see and that, accompanied with the stone’s luster and brilliance, made this extremely special. The project marked the first time we were able to trace the entire supply chain of a particular gemstone and we were extremely chuffed. The mine is a small, family-owned one and our lapidary artisan is good friends with the owners and has access to the mine and its operations. The joy at finding this was unspeakable. 

BY proposed to P without the ring and it was P who came to us to choose the design. She wanted something extremely clean – a little different from the organic, ornate pieces that we’ve become known for – and this is what we got done. To add a little artisanal flourish, we created a flower bouquet that acted as a bezel with tiny leaves gently curving up to act as prongs for the sapphire. The shank was a nod towards the classic with a half-eternity diamond flanked with milgrain.  Here's wishing a wonderful, great-karma marriage life of bliss. :) 

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