Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Infinity Moonstone

P is probably one of our most unorthodox clients ever. She came to us throwing out all the rules of what traditional engagement and wedding rings were meant to be. Instead, her request was a moonstone (initially to be set with amethysts which we vetoed) because it held great symbolic meaning for her fiance, N, and her. Apart from that, she allowed us carte blanche. 

Because the moonstone is an incredibly soft stone, we had to find ways to protect it from potential knocks. Also, because the moonstone is traditionally not regarded as luxe, it was a challenge to transform this generally humble stone to something befitting of the significance of the event. P's a big fan of all things organic and natural and thus, in line with the UN's International Year of The Forest, we continued with the forestry theme but this time with a generous amount of vines creeping to protect the side of the moonstone. 

The gemstone used was a highly lustrous white-grey moonstone with flashes of blue and embellished further with tiny white diamonds and set in 18KT rose and yellow gold. 

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