Monday, May 23, 2011

Business Times Article on our Silent Auction

If you'd like to read it, please click on the image. :) 

Hi everyone, Blueprint 2011 is over and it was thrilling! We're taking it easy for the upcoming week because we badly need the break. However, there's another exciting event coming up this weekend, our Silent Auction with Time Taken To Make A Dress and Calliope.  

The Business Times' Melissa Lwee did a nice write-up of our event a few weeks ago. We thought we'd share it here. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Deep Pink Spinel

HY's brief to us was simple: he wanted a double-loop band intertwining a warm-hued gemstone. The overall design had to be a stand-apart from the classical pieces but subtle, as his girlfriend, BH, was not the flashy, showy type.

We found an amazing deep pink spinel with purple undertones. The colour was rare but what made this stone a true keeper was the unparalleled brilliance. Spinels, like diamonds, have a single refraction, and thus have the potential to glitter in a way that double refracted gemstones (including sapphires and rubies), don't. This spinel, because of the way it was cut, actualised that lofty potential. ;) 

As with all our other clients, HY chose to inscribe something personal -- so personal that we had absolutely no idea what it means. ;) 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blueprint 2011: Snippets of the work behind it.

Set-up at Blueprint today, which was a culmination of months of preparation work. The 3 1/2 hours that we took for the actual set-up pales in comparison to the countless days spent on product development, booth logistics and marketing collateral. 

One of the unlikeliest sources of work came from us having to hunt down all our o'seas media compilations in the last year. We shamefully confess that we haven't been very on-the-ball with media collations and scrambled to put them together after our agent told us that they were a must if we were to get the buy-in of reputed, o'seas boutiques. 

We wanted to shoot the set-up process but it was way too chaotic and made for a terribly unattractive photolog. We promise to upload more photographs tomorrow! :) In the meantime, here are some snippets of our o'seas mentions since we haven't posted most of them before. As always, we're terribly honoured for the mentions -- not least because these were shout-outs on global platforms. 

How To Spend It, Financial Times, UK, June 2010. 

Alternative To Coral at International Jewellery London, Professional Jewellery, UK, 

Our Inaugural Bezel Collection @ Leblas, Sublime, UK, December 2010

Interview with Choo Yilin, Principal Designer and Founder of label, The Peak, Indonesia, March 2010. 

Choo Yilin selected to be one of 10 finalists for New Designer Gallery/Mort Abelson Award @ JA New York Summer Show. National Jeweler. July 2010. 

One more mention about the Mort Abelson Award @ JA New York Summer Show, National Jeweler, July 2010. 

In-depth write-up about Alternative To Coral Collection by National Jeweler, US, August 2010. 

Choo Yilin mentioned as part of ethical jewellery movement in UK, Jewellery Focus, July 2010. 

Fine Jewellery thought leader, Beth Bernstein writes about us in Instore Mag, US, August 2010. 

Alternative To Coral gets more love in Audrey Magazine, US, Jan 2011. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

21-22 May 2011: Choo Yilin Flash Sale at Blueprint Emporium

Hi everyone, 

Not to be confused with our silent auction with some of our favourite local artisanal brands, Time Taken To Make A Dress and Calliope, on 29 May, we'll also be involved in Blueprint Emporium, a two-day massive designer-label shopping extravaganza featuring over 100 exciting Asian labels. 

We will be having a straight-out sale of our older ready-to-wear pieces. We are sad to bid farewell to our sterling silver and vermeil Coral, Dewdrop and some of our Bezel collections but am hoping that these babies will find a good home to go to. The sale pieces are going between 40-50% off for two days only. 

21 May -- 11am - 10pm
22 May -- 10am - 7pm

Marina Bay Sands
Hall F
Booth 10

Gloria Ho
9112 8117

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some thoughts about our One-Of-A-Kind pieces

Aquamarine druzy, pearls and green amethysts fancy bracelet. Hammered sterling silver. 

I've mentioned before that putting together a ready-to-wear collection requires a lot of discipline and focus because each piece needs to fit within a single theme; in addition, designers have to factor in “practicality” for everyday use. Sometimes though, I would think of a single, extravagantly lush cocktail ring, which I would have to reject for my ready-to-wear collection for the above reasons, but indulge in the creation of it because it fulfills the need to create without any restrictions. I ensure that the piece stays true to the label’s aesthetic of organic asymmetry but other than that, I’m not held back by practicality or a particular theme. As such, the pieces tend to be bolder and true conversation-starters.

Necklace: Fancy-cut labradorite slabs embellished with scratched silver and sapphire ornaments. 

These are some of the pieces that we'll be showcasing at our 29 May 2011 event -- TTMD x Choo Yilin x Calliope. It'd be lovely to see you there. :) In the meantime, please visit our facebook album if you'd like to see more of our pieces. 

Statement agate slab necklace with a tiny green-blue sapphire hammered silver embellishment.

Media mentions for TTMD x Choo Yilin x Calliope Silent Auction

One of the two events we're currently busy prepping for in May. The focus will be on one-of-a-kind items sold significantly below retail but we'll also be bringing in our two latest ready-to-wear collections: the Tree and Flower Jade series. 

Elle, Singapore, May 2011

NuYou, Singapore, May 2011


Silently appreciating

Exquisite artisanal fashion is worth appreciating. Three of our local fashion brands will be holding a silent auction to introduce their One-Of-A-Kind collections on the 29th of May, at Spa Botanica (6 Nassim Road).

 All three brands incorporate ancient methods of designing to present the spirit that ‘one can produce excellent designs using skills developed from the older days. The two designers from Time Taken To Make a Dress position themselves as trend-setters and focus on dresses that are complicated and make silhouettes stand out. As for award winning designer Choo Yilin, she presents jewellery that are made from reclaimed metals and gemstones that are heavily textured. The final brand Calliope presents handbags that are handmade from genuine leather, with only one quantity produced for each design. 

Artisanal products are a rarity these days, and the designers of all three brands wish to use the silent auction as a creative platform to introduce consumers to appreciate artisanal products. More information can be taken from or tel. 66480316.

Friday, May 13, 2011

29 May 2011: Silent auction with three artisanal brands

We bring to you incredibly exciting news! On 29 May 2011 @ 1400-1600hrs at the Spa Boutique on Nassim Road, we're collaborating with artisan designer labels Time Taken To Make A Dress (TTMD) and Calliope. We're holding an exhibition while auctioning off one-of-a-kind (OOAK) hand-crafted pieces at starting bids significantly below retail.

The public will have a chance to view and bid on these pieces while interacting with the designers over cakes by artisanal bespoke bakers, Cake Over Heels. The collections are a result of countless hours spent conceptualising, designing and hand-crafting by the three labels who pay homage to the various traditional craftsmanship techniques that are fast eroding. We’ll be uploading pictures of our OOAK pieces here in the next few weeks.

We're also exhibiting some of our ready-to-wear pieces from our Tree Series, Flower Jade and Bezel collections at the special request of clients. 

Date: 29 May 2011
Time: 1400 - 1700 hrs (auction ends at 1600 hrs)  

Venue: Spa Boutique @ 6 Nassim Road, Singapore 

RSVP: gloria(at!)chooyilin(dot)com or 9112 8117 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Little media snippets on our bespoke services

Our bespoke work gets some love from the media. We offer an unprecedented level of customisation, including full supply chain transparency if requested. For more details, drop us an e-mail at info(at!) 

If you'd like to read the articles, please click on the images to enlarge them. 

April 2011, NEXT, Singapore

April 2011, Designare, Singapore