Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some thoughts about our One-Of-A-Kind pieces

Aquamarine druzy, pearls and green amethysts fancy bracelet. Hammered sterling silver. 

I've mentioned before that putting together a ready-to-wear collection requires a lot of discipline and focus because each piece needs to fit within a single theme; in addition, designers have to factor in “practicality” for everyday use. Sometimes though, I would think of a single, extravagantly lush cocktail ring, which I would have to reject for my ready-to-wear collection for the above reasons, but indulge in the creation of it because it fulfills the need to create without any restrictions. I ensure that the piece stays true to the label’s aesthetic of organic asymmetry but other than that, I’m not held back by practicality or a particular theme. As such, the pieces tend to be bolder and true conversation-starters.

Necklace: Fancy-cut labradorite slabs embellished with scratched silver and sapphire ornaments. 

These are some of the pieces that we'll be showcasing at our 29 May 2011 event -- TTMD x Choo Yilin x Calliope. It'd be lovely to see you there. :) In the meantime, please visit our facebook album if you'd like to see more of our pieces. 

Statement agate slab necklace with a tiny green-blue sapphire hammered silver embellishment.

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