Saturday, May 14, 2011

Media mentions for TTMD x Choo Yilin x Calliope Silent Auction

One of the two events we're currently busy prepping for in May. The focus will be on one-of-a-kind items sold significantly below retail but we'll also be bringing in our two latest ready-to-wear collections: the Tree and Flower Jade series. 

Elle, Singapore, May 2011

NuYou, Singapore, May 2011


Silently appreciating

Exquisite artisanal fashion is worth appreciating. Three of our local fashion brands will be holding a silent auction to introduce their One-Of-A-Kind collections on the 29th of May, at Spa Botanica (6 Nassim Road).

 All three brands incorporate ancient methods of designing to present the spirit that ‘one can produce excellent designs using skills developed from the older days. The two designers from Time Taken To Make a Dress position themselves as trend-setters and focus on dresses that are complicated and make silhouettes stand out. As for award winning designer Choo Yilin, she presents jewellery that are made from reclaimed metals and gemstones that are heavily textured. The final brand Calliope presents handbags that are handmade from genuine leather, with only one quantity produced for each design. 

Artisanal products are a rarity these days, and the designers of all three brands wish to use the silent auction as a creative platform to introduce consumers to appreciate artisanal products. More information can be taken from or tel. 66480316.

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