Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Deep Pink Spinel

HY's brief to us was simple: he wanted a double-loop band intertwining a warm-hued gemstone. The overall design had to be a stand-apart from the classical pieces but subtle, as his girlfriend, BH, was not the flashy, showy type.

We found an amazing deep pink spinel with purple undertones. The colour was rare but what made this stone a true keeper was the unparalleled brilliance. Spinels, like diamonds, have a single refraction, and thus have the potential to glitter in a way that double refracted gemstones (including sapphires and rubies), don't. This spinel, because of the way it was cut, actualised that lofty potential. ;) 

As with all our other clients, HY chose to inscribe something personal -- so personal that we had absolutely no idea what it means. ;) 

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