Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pearls, one of the birthstones of June

June's just over and we thought it would be appropriate to share some of our pearl projects, one of the main birthstones for the month.

Moonstone, white sapphire and pearl necklace chain. S is a lawyer and wanted something fancy but appropriate for work too. 

D's tree-roots inspiration baroque pearl pendant. Wrapped in 18KT white gold and diamonds. 

Metallic grey-blue button pearl studs with trio of diamonds. 

Our signature leaves and vines wrap around creamy baroque south sea pearls. The pearls detach from the diamond flower studs. Heavy milgraining for a milgrained, vintage look. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Media love for our Tree Series

The media love for our inaugural Tree Series has been phenomenal. Here are some snippets in the press thus far. Much love and thanks to the journos! 

8 Days, Singapore, May 2011

Alexis, Singapore, June 2011

Designare, Singapore, June 2011

Style, Singapore, June 2011
"Throw on a big, statement jewellery piece like this cuff and leave the house with no other accessory on. All attention will be focused on it." -- CYL
"We have clients who bemoan their chubby cheeks or full face. The perfect fail-safe antidote is a pair of long, slender earrings -- they're bit on glamour, too!" -- CYL

Sunday, June 26, 2011

9 July 2011: nana & bird + Choo Yilin - Pebbles, Polka-dots and Palette

Please click on the image to enlarge.

Mult-label retail store nana & bird and sustainable jewellery brand Choo Yilin pop up on a (hopefully sunny) Saturday in charming Tiong Bahru.

nana & bird will present a sneak showing of carefully curated designer dresses and artisanal leather goods while Choo Yiin will feature a sneak preview of the label's yet-to-be-launched Pebble series.

Blk 24, Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 164024

1100 - 1800 hrs.

gloria(at!) or 9112 8117

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project Diamond-Studded Hydrangeas

We made the decision to move towards more sculptural pieces at the beginning this year, because we wanted our jewellery to be more representative of the themes in nature and conservation that we were heavily inspired by. We love flowers, personally, and so do our clients apparently, as so many of them come to us and request to having some kind of 3-D flower as part of their bespoke piece.

This time, we has a tiny bouquet of diamond-studded hydrangeas perched on the edge of a large, brilliant round dark-blue spinel. To continue the bouquet theme, we had a diamond-studded curved leaf coming up to clasp the spinel gently on the opposite corner of the ring. 

We are currently working on many more sculptural projects and cannot wait to share them with you. 

Can't get enough of flowers!

Lilies and Roses

This week we decided to run a small competition on Facebook; a quiz asking which flowers you think we'll be using next in our bespoke projects. We've done various flowers already, but we've still got several more up out sleeves ;)

Congratulations to both our winners for guessing lily and rose, you'll be getting your Choo Yilin vouchers soon. Many thanks to everyone else for participating!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Heirloom Diamond Engagement

J came to us with a family heirloom diamond solitaire that was past down to him from his grandfather, to his mother, and then him. He bravely created the ring with us entirely by himself, asking us to keep the entire project absolutely secret. The amount of effort he put in was incredible; we worked on a series of specially commissioned renderings as he wanted to compile it into a special book when he proposed. Other men, would say, that he spoils the market. 

The themes for this project were: vintage, glamour, and a trio of diamonds. J wasn't a big fan of the organic asymmetry aesthetic and seemed to gravitate towards the classic look instead. The challenge then was to take the classic and make it unique; after all, that was the point of bespoke. 

The result was a very Edwardian antique style ring, with the most amount of filigree work we have ever embarked on and tiny round-brilliant diamonds that flanked the trio of diamonds (his own heirloom centre stone together with a duo of 0.3ct emerald-cut diamonds). The creation of the wax took two entire weeks, and the setting of the >100 diamonds took another 10 days. We also placed a ruby on the inside of the shank, to symbolise the month of August, a very significant month for the couple. 

For more pictures, please visit our facebook album

Friday, June 10, 2011

18 June 2011: One-day Flash GSS!

To enlarge and read, please click on image. 

One-Day Flash GSS! 

For one day only, we bid farewell to new sample pieces and past season collections, including our beloved award-winning Alternative To Coral and Dewdrop series. Our cufflinks go on sale for the first time; a perfect gift for the beloved men in your lives. 
Prices discounted up to 80% and start at 70 sgd.

18 June 2011
1 - 5 pm
1 Amber Road, 
Amber Point, 
Singapore 439845
9112 8117

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Edge Singapore on sustainable beauty

If you'd like to read the article, please click on the image.

Part of the Braun Buffel Trailblazer series, here's an interview with Y about the challenges of being an entrepreneur. BB defines a trailblazer as 'a person who sets out with a vision and accomplishes his/her objective making an impact on society politically, socially or economically, hence leaving a trail for others to be inspired and motivated'.

Y's definition: “Being technically competent is one thing,” she says when asked about how she sees herself as a trailblazer. “But to be able to have a vision and use the tools you have – be it writing, singing or designing – to fulfill that vision, is what makes a trailblazer. As to what vision you want to follow, it comes from a lot of introspection…For me, I was able to think of a triple bottom-line model, unprecedented in the jewellery industry. Trying to factor in the social and ecological impact actually takes up a lot of my energy. But once that vision is set, doing the job, however tedious, becomes easy, because you know exactly what you’re working towards.”

Many thanks to Felix Cheong for the wonderful coverage!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thoughts on our latest collection

Our design aesthetic has always been organic asymmetry, and with our latest series based on trees this is all the more evident. Forests cover about one third of the earth, and it's a tall order for us to try and capture that majesty through jewellery.

One of the most breathtaking sights in a forest is when leaves change colour. We've learnt in school that chlorophyll is what gives leaves it green colour, and is necessary for the tree to process sunlight into nutrients. It is when the temperature drops or when the leaf is discarded from the tree that the other colours emerge. We've tried to imitate that, with our "leaves" accented with dewdrops of rhodolite garnets and nibbled on by the tree's residents.

Not all plants in a forest can stand by themselves, many plants cling onto their larger neighbours to get closer to sunlight and further from herbivores, using vines or creepers. That yearning for sunshine is what we've hoped to capture, with vines gripping a luminous stone.

Forests are disappearing, and through this collection we hope to raise awareness about why this is an important concern. You can do your part; we'll be planting baby trees this week for those who've bought pieces through us, through World Wildlife Fund's My Baby Tree Campaign.

Much thanks to GoodPlanet for the information on forests.

Lastly, many thanks to Christopher Chien for the brilliant photography!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Project You Had Me At Zug Zug

Another incredibly enjoyable bespoke project, this time from B, who like many of our dear male clients, gave us carte blanche. We picked out a really blingy aquamarine trilliant, which was rare because aquamarines tend to have a slightly waxy undertone.

Then, we went to town with leafy vine theme, with the 18KT solid gold leaves and vines curving up to cup the aquamarine gently, together with a liberal sprinkling of milgrained diamond-studded leaves. The shank was heavily organically asymmetrical and a lot thicker in order to allow for more embellishments on the side. This was also because the trilliant was quite a bit bigger than our usual gemstone and thus justified a wider shank.

Just as so many of our bespoke clients before this, the engraving chosen was something personal; this time, it was a tongue-in-cheek reference to World Of Warcraft, and it’s likely you’ll go “awwwww” if you play it. :)