Monday, June 6, 2011

The Edge Singapore on sustainable beauty

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Part of the Braun Buffel Trailblazer series, here's an interview with Y about the challenges of being an entrepreneur. BB defines a trailblazer as 'a person who sets out with a vision and accomplishes his/her objective making an impact on society politically, socially or economically, hence leaving a trail for others to be inspired and motivated'.

Y's definition: “Being technically competent is one thing,” she says when asked about how she sees herself as a trailblazer. “But to be able to have a vision and use the tools you have – be it writing, singing or designing – to fulfill that vision, is what makes a trailblazer. As to what vision you want to follow, it comes from a lot of introspection…For me, I was able to think of a triple bottom-line model, unprecedented in the jewellery industry. Trying to factor in the social and ecological impact actually takes up a lot of my energy. But once that vision is set, doing the job, however tedious, becomes easy, because you know exactly what you’re working towards.”

Many thanks to Felix Cheong for the wonderful coverage!

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