Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Heirloom Diamond Engagement

J came to us with a family heirloom diamond solitaire that was past down to him from his grandfather, to his mother, and then him. He bravely created the ring with us entirely by himself, asking us to keep the entire project absolutely secret. The amount of effort he put in was incredible; we worked on a series of specially commissioned renderings as he wanted to compile it into a special book when he proposed. Other men, would say, that he spoils the market. 

The themes for this project were: vintage, glamour, and a trio of diamonds. J wasn't a big fan of the organic asymmetry aesthetic and seemed to gravitate towards the classic look instead. The challenge then was to take the classic and make it unique; after all, that was the point of bespoke. 

The result was a very Edwardian antique style ring, with the most amount of filigree work we have ever embarked on and tiny round-brilliant diamonds that flanked the trio of diamonds (his own heirloom centre stone together with a duo of 0.3ct emerald-cut diamonds). The creation of the wax took two entire weeks, and the setting of the >100 diamonds took another 10 days. We also placed a ruby on the inside of the shank, to symbolise the month of August, a very significant month for the couple. 

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