Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thoughts on our latest collection

Our design aesthetic has always been organic asymmetry, and with our latest series based on trees this is all the more evident. Forests cover about one third of the earth, and it's a tall order for us to try and capture that majesty through jewellery.

One of the most breathtaking sights in a forest is when leaves change colour. We've learnt in school that chlorophyll is what gives leaves it green colour, and is necessary for the tree to process sunlight into nutrients. It is when the temperature drops or when the leaf is discarded from the tree that the other colours emerge. We've tried to imitate that, with our "leaves" accented with dewdrops of rhodolite garnets and nibbled on by the tree's residents.

Not all plants in a forest can stand by themselves, many plants cling onto their larger neighbours to get closer to sunlight and further from herbivores, using vines or creepers. That yearning for sunshine is what we've hoped to capture, with vines gripping a luminous stone.

Forests are disappearing, and through this collection we hope to raise awareness about why this is an important concern. You can do your part; we'll be planting baby trees this week for those who've bought pieces through us, through World Wildlife Fund's My Baby Tree Campaign.

Much thanks to GoodPlanet for the information on forests.

Lastly, many thanks to Christopher Chien for the brilliant photography!

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