Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More media love for our inaugural Tree series

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The August 2011 issue of Simply Her is one of the last media mentions for our inaugural Tree series, before we move on to our other equally exciting collections. We love how the intricate Vine Trellis cuff is juxtaposed against the comparably simpler Pink Diamond Project, yet both keep in our signature organic aesthetic. Many thanks to C for the write up!

You can still get our Tree pieces in stores, and we'll be bringing them along to our event this Sunday as well ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Project Stealth Bird

We got the happy news from T today that he "bagged the girl". The girl in question, A, was completely in the dark for this project and much kudos to T for pulling Project Stealth Bird so successfully! T never met us, working with us entirely through e-mail, gchat (with the recorded device disabled) and skype. To get A's ring size, we mailed him one of our portable ring sizers and he measured her ring size in her sleep. 

Like so many of our clients, T decided against a traditional diamond solitaire set in a classic pronged setting. Instead, he requested we followed the themes of femininity, daintiness with a whimsy of vintage and this is what we got done. 

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The unheated sapphire was a pale rose blush with undertones of grey and green, a very subtle gemstone with a lot of hidden depth. It takes on various hues in different lighting. 

The setting we chose was our label's signature organic aesthetic of twines and twigs and leaves, finished with a little three-dimensional diamond-studded peony perched on the side. 

Lastly, T brought out the big guns and sent us a personally rendered bird that we engraved on the inside of the shank. You're awesome T -- and our big congratulations to you and A. :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday: An Outfit A Day

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Colour and texture rules for the last day of the week. Purple jersey paired with richly textured python skin together with large black and yellow gold hoop earrings and cuff gets our vote for Sunday's outfit.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Saturday: An Outfit A Day

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Go drapey, casual and glamorous all together for our favourite day of the week: Saturday! A powder soft clutch paired with a classic black dress and a trio of layered necklaces takes you everywhere: be it the beach, a bar or a restaurant.

Project June Birthstone

YS wanted the sweetest gift for his wife: a bespoke 18KT gold ring that symbolised the birth of his daughter, who was born in June. He passed us this picture and asked if we could use this as an abstract inspiration. 

We found a gorgeous, creamy baroque south sea pearl and set it in the midst of a diamond-studded garden of flowers and vines. The pearl represented his daughter, given that she was a June baby, and the fullness of the it was a nod towards the picture he sent us. The garden theme symbolised fertility, a nurturing and warmth, and we included our signature intricate details of tiny 3-D diamond-studded flowers, shoots and leaves.  

 When worn

The detailing is different all around the ring -- we deliberately kept it asymmetrical.

Peek of three-dimensional diamond-studded flowers 

Friday: An Outfit A Day

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TGIF! Throw off the work jacket to reveal a beautiful neckline. The soft python rose clutch is a work of art in itself; that together with coral cabochon earrings and a large cocktail ring in 18KT antique yellow gold preps you for Friday night dinner and drinks with friends or that special someone.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our first apertif earrings go long!

M wanted a pair of earrings to go with her evening gown and wanted a lot of mileage from it. It's something we constantly stress to clients: that the jewellery created for the wedding should be versatile enough to wear after the wedding.

As M was not a fan of our organic asymmetrical aesthetic, the one thing that stood out above everything was our first apertif pieces. The problem was, we all felt it wasn't glamorous enough for such a high-significant event and thus, thought of ways to jazz it up. This was what we got done:

The full piece -- amethyst and smoky quartz cushion checkerboard gemstones with tiny rhodolite garnets, pink tourmalines and amethysts. 

Just the hooks -- perfect for even the most conservative occasions. 

Just the smoky quartz drops

And just the amethyst drops which can swapped around if you feel the smoky quartz drops should be worn above the amethysts. 

Thursday: An Outfit A Day

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Pair the soft blue jersey and glamorous brown, silver-studded shoulder bag with subtle sterling silver nautical inspired pieces. The long necklace drapes to the middle of the dress whilst the hill-tribe fine silver ring will be the perfect embellishment to this fashion forward but work-appropriate outfit.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday: An Outfit A Day

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It's hump day! More neutrals with the elegant grey dress and luxurious soft black hobo but a small nod towards glamour for Wednesday night drinks with a fine silver gemstone cuff and large coral polyp studs, heavily embellished with London blue topazes and amethysts.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tuesday: An Outfit A Day

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It's still early in the week so it's best to keep a fashion-forward but low-profile silhouette with a twist on the black shift and beige signature twist hobo. The only splash of colour comes with the 18KT rose and yellow gold vermeil drops.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday: An Outfit A Day

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Chase away Monday blues with splashes of red (from the rubies in the earrings and the hot-red python skin hobo) and still keep somber with the re-interpreted black dress to get your conservative boss' approval.

31st July 2011: Capri + Choo Yilin + Two Sparrows, An Outfit A Day

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A different outfit a day keeps the fashion police at bay!

The designers of Capri, Choo Yilin and Two Sparrows come together to offer their views on dressing up to embrace different days of the week.

All pieces featured this week will be discounted for one day only on 31st July.

Stay tuned to see the designers' interpretation of each day's outfits!

9 Taman Serasi, #01-11,
Botanic Gardens View

1100 - 1800 hrs

or 9112 8117

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You've got a pop of colour from us!

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E came by our booth during Blueprint and picked up a pair of amethyst marquise earrings from our bezel collection, to go with an antique cocktail ring her mother gave her many years ago. It's shown on the left, a picture that E has kindly taken for us. Don't they look so pretty side by side?

In her own words, E says "I thought I would never find anything to wear with my ring on days when I'm in black/monochrome and just want a pop of colour from my jewellery to brighten things up."

Thanks for sharing E!

PS: We're partially putting our Bezel series into retirement, get it while you still can :)