Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our first apertif earrings go long!

M wanted a pair of earrings to go with her evening gown and wanted a lot of mileage from it. It's something we constantly stress to clients: that the jewellery created for the wedding should be versatile enough to wear after the wedding.

As M was not a fan of our organic asymmetrical aesthetic, the one thing that stood out above everything was our first apertif pieces. The problem was, we all felt it wasn't glamorous enough for such a high-significant event and thus, thought of ways to jazz it up. This was what we got done:

The full piece -- amethyst and smoky quartz cushion checkerboard gemstones with tiny rhodolite garnets, pink tourmalines and amethysts. 

Just the hooks -- perfect for even the most conservative occasions. 

Just the smoky quartz drops

And just the amethyst drops which can swapped around if you feel the smoky quartz drops should be worn above the amethysts. 

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